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Video Management System
for medium to large projects

Made In Germany


Integrated video analysis, AI-based

MULTIEYE NEXT uses artificial neural networks for video analysis. This is an application from artificial intelligence for the real-time detection, classification and recognition of objects, events and behavior patterns in videos. Objects are being classified.Learn more...


MULTIEYE ANPR automatic number plate recognition

Precise licence plate detection with high recognition rate. Automatic identification of number plates of cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers and other vehicles.


Successfully in Operation for Two Decades



Mastering Challenges
Today’s use of high-tech video security systems is characterized by modern, clear video management, high video quality in real time, event-controlled alarming & recording, AI video analysis, communication with third-party systems, etc. This sophisticated technology is developed by us and is based on over 20 years of experience.

Use Information Systems
MULTIEYE systems process video data and provide a multitude of metadata through their state-of-the-art analysis functions and interfaces to third-party systems. The information is displayed on the monitors and processed further. For example, in applications such as process monitoring, parking management, early fire detection, customer frequency analysis, traffic analysis, environmental monitoring.

Investment Security
Customers benefit from the modernizability and expandability of our software and system components. MULTIEYE systems can thus be adapted to current and future requirements. In this way we offer future and investment security for our products and systems.

Data and Operational Security
Video systems transmit and store data. These may be confidential and/or subject to data protection. Our systems ensure secure data transmission, storage and protection against unauthorized access. Great importance is also attached to high operational reliability and availability. These requirements are the prerequisites for the smooth operation of MULTIEYE systems in areas such as industry, banks, traffic, infrastructures and security authorities.


Sharing Know-How
In more than 20 years we have realised the most diverse video solutions with our customers.
Our competent development and technical team has a huge wealth of experience which we are happy to share with you.


Our MULTIEYE products for video surveillance, security and as video information systems are successfully used in thousands of applications in all conceivable areas such as

The essential features of our MULTIEYE video systems are summarized here:

  • Recognition and identification - of persons, objects, license plates, faces. Try it now!
  • Protection - of buildings, infrastructure and facilities
  • Signalling - of eventsTry it now!
  • Monitor and document
  • Control - of cameras, peripheral devices
  • Communicating - with third party systems
  • Search and locate - people, objects and events
  • Streamline - work processes
  • Analysis - of content and metadata (e.g. customer frequency, traffic density)
    Try it now!

Para projetos específicos com nossos integradores de sistemas. Desafie-nos, estamos ansiosos para ajudar.

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